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We care about music



This is our story!

Following the route led by Nasty Mondays into the alternative music scene, Crappy Tuesday’s concept sees more of a focus on the latest international musical trends. In these sessions directed by Legotque & Victor Olle, you can dance to Post Punk, Rock and the most recent Indie tunes mixed with the latest electro beats. By chance Legoteque & Olle shared a Dj booth in 2009 and the results couldn’t have been better. They now share the stage at Sala Apolo every Tuesday letting their sensations and musical feelings flow to their ever attentive audience.
Nowadays, the phenomenon of Crappy Tuesdays has established itself as much more than analternative option but as a major party with its own unique personality and essence that can count followers in Barcelona, throughout the country and worldwide. As a result of its prevalent appeal they have played nights in Pacha Ibiza and at the Total Fight Snowboard competition in Andorra.

The world's a better place since i chose music

Viktor Ollé

Born in Barcelona in 1973, was influenced by the Post Punk, Glam, New Wave and Manchester sounds, shaping his musical taste and not labeled in any of them. His training through music, and the continual discovery of new bands, became part of his day to day and thus their attendance at concerts of independent groups and new electronic tendencies, it was not until 2000 when he started developing his role in front of a mixer.
He began playing at various private locals and afterhours parties, it was not until 2004 when he began his involvement in the club and his residency at Bcn Blue Monday.
He is currently a resident of Crappy Tuesdays, where his sessions are full of Indie, Rock, Electronic and Post-Punk, without neglecting all groups that marked his influences.

Play it fuckin' loud!!


Legoteque is one of the Crappy Tuesdays resident Djs. Born in Barcelona, began Djs without purpose just as a game., but on 2005 he got the chance to play his own records in differents bars and from then, every single weekend and as a self-taught person got the talent and pleasure to play music for the rest of the people.
Indie Pop, Rock and Electro are always played on his Dj sessions.. Eclectic, timeless and entertaining sessions that are always trying to find the right smooth mix, combining happy hits with delicatessen and new sounds making all this musical milkshake fresh, danceable and above everything else enjoyable.

Music is what feelings sound like